SME or StartUp Apply to Educate

How to Apply to Join EDUCATE

If you are a startup, SME or someone in the process of setting up an educational technology business then please follow this link to the short F6S application form

Choosing the startups and SMEs for EDUCATE is one of the most important factors in our success. We need to ensure that each founder we support is at a stage where they can benefit from the EDUCATE offer and that the EDUCATE team are in a position to offer what each founder needs.

Matching EDUCATE services to the needs of the founders we work with is particularly important and we want to get it right. It is not a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. It may be that a founder is not ready to benefit from the EDUCATE offer now, but that they may be ready in the future. If this is the case, we will ask you to come and talk to us again when your ideas have progressed and we feel we can help.

The selection process

All businesses must be registered in London or you must be intending to register your business in London to benefit from the EDUCATE Hub at the UCL Knowledge Lab. You must have a product or service, or an idea for one that concerns the use of educational technology. Education in this context should be interpreted in a wide sense: any age, formal, informal, non-formal, any technology, any subject or skill etc.

We welcome applications at any time and if successful we will arrange a start date with each startup. The initial step is to contact EDUCATE through the F6S website, or if you want an informal chat then email

You will be required to complete a simple form that asks for:

your founders’ details: name and address, demographic data (gender, ethnicity); skypename (optional), mobile number, email address, LinkedIn (optional);

  1. The educational need and learning opportunity that you/your business intends to meet and any evidence to support that? (250 words maximum);
  2. What difference do you belief your idea/product will make to those who use it? (250 words maximum);
  3. The stage of your business – 4 options plus other/comments: pre-startup; registered company; registered company and attracting investment; revenue generating;

Your application will be checked for authenticity and passed to the team at UCL IOE, who will evaluate your potential to make an educational impact. If we believe your idea has potential, we will invite you for a skype call to find out more. Those applicants whose ideas or business are judged to be educationally valuable will be invited for interview.


We will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to have a face–to–face meeting with members of the EDUCATE team at the UCL Knowledge Lab. You will be asked to pitch and present your ideas.

There is one single essential feature that all EDUCATE members must have, and this is ‘research readiness’, by which we mean that you can answer yes to the following questions and convince us to believe you:

  • Are you open to working with your personal research mentor to learn from existing evidence about the potential for your idea to be educationally effective?
  • During your time working with us in the EDUCATE Hub at UCL Knowledge Lab (maximum 6 months) will your product or service be at a stage where it can be evaluated through an educational efficacy pilot trial?
  • Are you the founders, and any other team members, interested in understanding how research can help you generate the evidence that will demonstrate the educational value of your product or service? And do you welcome the opportunity to take part in free training events about how research evidence can help your business?
  • Are you able to express clearly the educational need that your product or service will meet and can you demonstrate why you believe it will have a positive impact on its users?

We are also interested in the commitment of the founders to make their business a success and the coherence and ability of the team to deliver educational benefits through their intended or existing business. In addition to which we will want to know what technology you are using and if you have the technical capability to provide your product or service. (We can provide some technical support, but we need to know in advance what might be required).