Apply to educate: Teachers and Researchers


Matching EDUCATE services to the needs of the researcher/ teacher entrepreneurs we work with is particularly important and we want to get it right. It is not a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. It may be that a researcher/teacher entrepreneur is not ready to benefit from the EDUCATE offer now, but that they may be ready in the future. If this is the case, we will ask you to come and talk to us again when your ideas have progressed and we feel we can help.

The application process

There are two ways that teachers and researchers can apply to set up a business through the EDUCATE project. Firstly, you can submit an expression of interest to Please send an email with your name and a description of your idea and the educational or learning need that you believe it could deliver.

Or secondly, you can come along to one of the workshops we will be running on a quarterly basis for teachers and researchers who have an idea or a prototype that they would like to turn into a business venture.

The incentives for researchers will be the opportunity to generate evidence about the impact of their research as well as the chance to identify new research areas, start a business, learn new skills and fulfil their entrepreneurial ambitions.

The incentives for teachers will be the opportunity to put their ideas and practices into action for others, to start a business, learn new skills and fulfil their entrepreneurial ambitions.


The selection process


We will follow up all applications with a skype call to find out more about your idea or prototype. We will discuss with you:

  1. The educational need and learning opportunity that you/your business intends to meet and any evidence to support that? (250 words maximum);
  2. What difference do you belief your idea/product will make to those who use it? (250 words maximum);


We will also ask for your details: name and address, demographic data (gender and ethnicity and disabled for majority of business ownership); skypename (optional), mobile number, email address, LinkedIn (optional);

For applicants whom we feel are ready to join the EDUCATE project we will conduct an initial interview to assess whether or not the teacher/researcher is ready to benefit from a place in the EDUCATE co-working space.  Applicants who are selected will receive a welcome and induction training session to familiarize themselves with the environment and with the EDUCATE process. Accepted applicants will be provided with a business mentor, who can introduce them to the business world and help them recognize what is valuable about their research prototype or idea from a business rather than a research perspective.

The key issues that the interview will explore is the extent to which you:

  • Are able to express clearly the educational need that your idea aims to address and can you demonstrate why you believe it will have a positive impact on its users;
  • Have a sense of the commercial potential of your idea and the way in which it could be turned into a product or service;
  • Communicate the passion and energy that you have for your idea – you will need this to see you through process of turning your vision into a business reality.

In addition to which we will want to know what technology you are using and if you have the technical capability to provide your product or service. (We can provide some technical support, but we need to know in advance what might be required).